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Dog Gone It

September 19, 2021

Comedy Showcase Greenroom
Houston, Texas Many Moons Ago

“So why the long face dude?”, I ask my frenemy.

My wife and I had to put our Chihuahuas to sleep. The way they cried when they looked at us and they knew it was all over. They way they cried, it’s still with me.

Oh man it sucks. What were they dying of?

No they were healthy. My wife and I installed new shiny hardwood floors in our trailer and we didn’t want them screwing it up.

So y’all decided to put them to sleep, why not give them away to someone or a no kill shelter?

No because those dogs are evil..

They’re Chihuahuas they can’t be that bad.

No Al, they are evil.

You’re the one who killed two small dogs for shiny floors. I think you’re talking about yourself.

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