From time to time I talk to some genuinely cool people and write it down. 

Uniting Everyone Through Hate with Elder Millennial Iliza Shlesinger

Learn the Industry Standard of Turning Nos Into Yes with Barry Katz

Getting to Know Mo About Vagabond Mo Amer

A Talk with Dom Irrera

Everything I Learned About LA, I Learned Listening to Matt Kirsch

Life on the Road With Carnival Cruise’s Caroline Picard

What The Road So Far After Texas looks with funny man Matthew Broussard

Dick Williams Shows the Ropes Behind Booking a Comedy Show and Extra Life In Los Angeles

Getting Lost and Found With Kvon

America’s Got Talent, Comedy Store, Texas Outlaw and Wildman Geezer Toy Andy Huggins

Paul Oddo He’s Just That Much of a Badass


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