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If Cancer Had a Face, I’d Punch It

July 7, 2014

If Cancer had a face, I’d punch it.

I would also give it a swift kick inbetween the legs. It had coming. No one would report me. I’d show them it was Cancer.

All humanity would cast their differences aside, form a line behind me and unite to get their hits in.

We would punch, kick, stab, gouge away until the cows came home.

In the end we’d still feel powerless and unsatisfied as we witness a loved one life fade away.

Ultimately, all we could do is hold our loved one’s hand and do our best to cheer them on in their fight as best we can.

So, I’m doing a Cancer Benefit coming up July 18th, 2014.

For $10 you get a plate of Texas Barbeque (With Vegetarian Option!)

It’s you get a night of music and stand up comedy from yours truly. Also on stage are the very funny Jaffer Khan, Matt Han Proceeds go to St. Judes Research Hospital.

Have a laugh, enjoy some music, Barbeque and give to a good cause.

It may not be that punch in the face I so desperately want to give it.

It’ll do for now.

–Al B.


Avani Lounge
5711 Hillcroft St Suite D6
Houston, Texas 77036
Show Starts @ 9:30pm

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