True Lies

Tell Me A Joke! Tell Me A Joke!

August 22, 2014

While playing airplane games with my seat mates the conversation steers towards “So you’re a comic! Tell Me A Joke! Tell Me A Joke! ”. Part of me paused for a moment and reeled in disgust. “I’m sorry I know you get that a lot and hate it.”

Why the hell not I think to myself.

Okay ya’ll ready? You’re a musician right?” “Yeah,” James responds. “I respect ya’ll, cause music touches the heart. It touches the soul. It elevates, it motivates and initiates. It doesn’t just affect people, music affects animals.  Scientists found out when cows listen to the rock and REM, they make more milk.  Same study also said, “When cows listen to Barry White, they make more coows. Aw yeah! Mooooo! Never Ever Going To Give You, Never Going to Quit, Cause Quiting Ain’t My Shtick! And that is how chocolate milk is made.   And if you’re not laughing you’re intolerant, lactose.” The Dominican guy catches his breath dying from laughter. It’s good to be home.

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